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No missable achievements (plus 14 unknown)

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Killed 1 enemy (TEST)

Killed 1 enemy (TEST)

Sore throat

Eat too many (more than 10) snowflakes within game life. Snowflakes will be present in Christmas level when its Christmas.

Junior bot destroyer

Kill 10 enemies in 1 minute.


Use the sun to kill an enemy

Bot destroyer

Kill 30 enemies in 1 minute.

Persistent bot destroyer

Kill 100 enemies in 5 minutes

Bot exterminator

This is a hard one. Kill 100 enemies in 1 minute. Try using autoaim and fast bullets.

I like flowers

Fly through 10 flowers in 5 minutes.

Slow massacre

Kill 500 enemies in 20 minutes.

Persistent bot exterminator

Like 100 kills in 1 minute, except you have to keep the rate for 5 minutes.

Wildlife preservation

Kill 10 enemies in process of eating an ally (ghost) in 1 minute.


Kill 500 enemies in 1 minute.

I thought it's impossible. You proved me wrong.

Kill 30 enemies that are in process of eating an ally (ghost) in 1 minute.


Kill 100 enemies that are in process of eating an ally (ghost) in 5 minutes.