The Inner World achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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King of Sins

You thoroughly talked to Ottilie about sins. Your pure soul is a just a tiny bit more corrupted now.

Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos

You completed the first chapter! You managed to escape from Conroy!

Chapter 2 - The Secret Place in the Root For

You completed the second chapter! You found the secret place in the Root Forest!


You put the pigeon through your special windsock-pigeon-tunnel.


A fruit from the tree fell down on the ground. Great work.


Until now, you’ve been using the help system quite often. You’re a casualgamer for sure!


You smashed a fruit from the tree with your funnel helmet!


You really tried to scratch the Gorf with your hook. But if he doesn’t want your help…

Chapter 3 - The Abandoned Dynasty

You completed the third chapter! You played the wind song for the first time.

Chapter 4 - The Secret of the Basylians

You completed the fourth chapter! You freed Laura’s father! Although they both are now petrified.

Chapter 5 - Asposia's Last Hope

You brought the wind back to Asposia! Long live the king Ocarino Gustus III!

Master of Stirring

You stirred the swamp with the reed. Mother nature thanks you.


You talked to every possible character in Asposia at least once.

Fresh Breath

You just ate a mint! Now your breath is as fresh as a summer breeze!

Mr Wise-Guy

You didn’t use the help system at all! Congratulations!


You tried to palm off fermented nodtarine juice on the garbage dealer!


It’s not the best idea to return an old, trigger-happy wind monk’s glasses.

Casanova Casonostri

You tried to hand over a bunch of nodtarines to Gorfelina. Unfortunately she’s allergic to nodtarine

Hedgehog- Anesthesia

You tried to put Fonk to sleep using K.O.-drops. That’s understandable.

Trial and Error

You solved the Mechatre-Puzzle just by trying out things randomly… or by ingenious intuition!

Just a scratch

You just shot a healing-laser in the back of Asposia’s greatest despot.

Chief of BBQ

Congratulations! Dr. Reminepos brain is possibly toast now!

The Royal Toilet

You learned details about Steve’s life, which you totally didn’t want to know! I’m sorry.