001 Game Creator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 11 unknown)

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Game Tester

Play a built-in example or demo game.

Trial and Error

Test one game 10 times in one sitting.

Different Point of View

Create a game that has maps with different views.

The Name Game

Create a new project with the word "Test" in it.

Running in Circles

Create an actor route that fully connects.

It's Alive!

Use "Build Game" to allow you to distribute your game..

A Helping Hand

Import a resource using "Import Resources".


Export a resource in one of the resource editors.

Rock 'n' Roll

Use the "Music Player" while working on your project.


Create a map with 20 actors of a base actor template with "Allow changes in placed actors" unchecked.

We need to go deeper...

Place a sub script within another sub script.