Smile For Me achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Goodie Two-Shoes

Satisfy a Habitician

Hired Gun

Hit Ronbo with a golf ball

Friend of Clowns

Unlock the Carnival

Who's There?

Unlock the Lounge

One Man’s Trash

Discover a hidden sweetheart

Miss Fortune

Unlock the Terrace


The secret’s out...

Pesky Bee

Satisfy 15 habiticians

Master Photographer

You really went and did it, huh?

Life of the Party

Accept a smooch

Dentist for a Day

Clean Kamal's teeth

Tiny, Feathery Man

Grip a Y’owl for Borbra

The way back home

Escape the Habitat

Flower Brat

Satisfy every habitician

Flower Friend

Forgive and forget.

Out of Quack

Dispose of the Duck

Nosey Posey

Find every diary page

Good Neighbor

Help a friend in need

True Anarchist

Find an alternative route

Residual Melancholy

Leave unfinished business at the Habitat

Smile For You

Some crimes can’t be forgiven.

Crown-ing Achievement

Get a very high score at Whack-a-Molar


No thank you ma’am

Pursuit of Quackiness

Find the Duck’s true owner