Destructamundo achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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It's MINE!

Unlock the Neutron Mine Item

Space Cadet

You perfected 10 levels. Nice, but don't be too proud of yourself just yet.

Clear Parsec 1

Parsec 1 Conquered

You're Fired.

Triangle Man

Unlock the Plasma Triangle Item

The 500 Club

You swept up 500 gems on single stage! We may not have to execute you after all!

Clear Parsec 2

Parsec 2 Conquered

Round and Round She Goes

Unlock the Orbiting Spike Item

Clear Parsec 3

Parsec 3 Conquered

The Model Recruit

You perfected 50 levels. Well done, recruit!

In space, everyone can hear Alex belch.

Ultimate Galactic Destroyer

Perfectamundo! Cleared all levels with 1 detonation.