LEGO® City Undercover achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Clowning Around

Complete Chapter 1 - New Faces and Old Enemies

Grapple with Goons

Complete Chapter 2 - Blast from the Past

From Blue to Bluebell

Complete Chapter 3 - Go Directly to Jail

Double Trouble

Throw troublemakers into each other 5 times during Gang Fight Challenges

Kung Fu... and Plumbing?

Complete Chapter 4 - When the Going gets Tough

Chan Chuang's Gang

Complete Chapter 5 - Undercover

Vinnie's Jewels

Complete Chapter 6 - All in the Family

Watch This Space

Complete Chapter 7 - One Small Job for Chan

Chase McCain?!

Achieve LEGO City Hero in any level

Save Points

Complete Chapter 8 - The Rescue

Nothing but Net

Score 3 baskets in 3 attempts when playing the basketball game


Complete the Bucking Bronco game

When Pigs Can Fly

Complete Chapter 9 - Bringing Home the Bacon

Exhibit T

Complete Chapter 10 - Back on the Case

Honey and Ice Cream

Complete Chapter 11 - The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting

Build in Sight

Complete Chapter 12 - The Con in Construction

Back to Blackwell's

Complete Chapter 13 - Secrets

Ultimate Protection

Complete Chapter 14 - Savings and Loans

City Saviour

Complete Chapter 15 - Far Above the Call of Duty


Jump from a helicopter into a car

Flash Car

Build up the brick multiplier to activate the super car

City Protector

Collect all Police Shield pieces in any level

Steel Surfer

Car surf for 30 seconds


Listen to 20 different conversations whilst Audio Scanning

What's In Store

Build all objects in Bright Lights Plaza's LEGO Store

Fusileani Twist

Slide down the hand rail from the top of Fresco's Fusileani Tower

True Tourist

Visit all 10 giant LEGO City stone statues

Pull the Lawnmower Over!

Drive a lawnmower as Rex Fury

Skullpture Vulture

Find and destroy the 5 hidden Rex Graffiti Skullptures

You're a Legend!

Achieve LEGO City Hero on all levels

Fair's Fair

Ride each of the 4 Super Build fairground rides

Building Model Citizens

Play with all 8 disguise slots customised at the same time

Mr Gold

Collect 4,000,000,000 LEGO studs

Super Builder

Construct all 65 city Super Builds

Secret Shields

Find and build the 5 hidden Police Shields


Complete all Vehicle Races

Cheat Chief

Collect all Red Bricks

Shield Collector

Collect all Police Shield pieces in the game

Firefight Right

Complete all Firefighter City Challenges

Crime Waive

Complete all Robber City Challenges

Free Run Done

Complete all Free Run Challenges

Focused Farmer

Complete all Farmer City Challenges

Astronaut Ace

Complete all Astronaut City Challenges

Top Cop

Complete all Police City Challenges

Miner Accomplishment

Complete all Miner City Challenges

Construction Completion

Complete all Construction City Challenges

Wacky Taxi

Use 10 Stunt Ramps in a taxi with a passenger

Super Compuper

Achieve 100% Completion