Heldric - The legend of the shoemaker achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Slice and dice

Get 10 kills with the sword in under 30 seconds

Big bada boom

Get a total of 50 powder keg kills


Kill a total of 25 deer


Get 25 kills on a single map using a bow

Ebenezer Scrooge

Collect 250,000 coins in a single map

Go wild

Kill a total of 25 wild boars

Popular man

Reach 25 population without losing a villager

Location, Location, Location

Build a structure on every plot in Mudvane


Get over 15,000 coins by selling structures

One more minute

Win a map after 45 minutes on Mudvane or later

I like cats better

Kill a total of 25 wolves

Browse the web

Get webbed by a spider three times in one map


Beat all campaign maps on normal or harder


Find all the secret pickups on Corvin

Give me a shoe

Kill a total of 25 icky creepy crawling spiders


Win on any map in challenge mode

Not a scratch

Win on any map without taking player damage

Let there be light

Build 5 or more area lamps on a night map

Kill with my pinky

Win a level without using any weapons


Kill a bear without using a weapon


Win on a map without the player getting a kill

I like to watch

Get 10 keg kill cams on any map