Super ComboMan: Smash Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Get Hired!

Complete 1st Stage

Slap Box

50 Crates Smashed

Reversal Riot

Parry 50 Attacks

Perfect Run

Make it through a stage with full health bar

Accident Prone

100 Dodoco workers defeated

Nuggest to the wall

50 Wall Smashed

Combo King

100 Hit Combo Achieved

Fanny Twister

100 Back Smashes Delivered


1000 Smashes Given

Fruit Finder

Consume one of each of the health pick up

Fireball Fiend

50 Fireballs hit enemies

Boss P Pulverized

50 Hit Combo during Boss P Battle


Buy all moves and perks

Get Fired! Severance Check Get!

Complete the game

Perk Perfection

Purchased every perk in the combo store

Go Platinum

Get highest rating on every stage

Fapjack Flopped Out

50 Hit Combo during Fapjack Battle

Sticker Head

Collect all stickers in game

Up in Flames

100 Fire Uppercuts hit enemies

Gorilla Gripped

50 Hit Combo during the first Gorilla Grip Battle