Crab Cakes Rescue achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Sand Flea

Beat a Level at the Smallest Size

Whale of a Time

Beat a Level at the Largest Size

Electric Eel Shock

Complete The Electric Set

Having a Shell of a Time

Shed Shell 500 Times

Starfish Power

Earn 50 Stars

Hot Streak

Complete The Lava Set

Button Fun

Complete The Button Set

Big or Small

Complete The Sizing Set

Ultimate Power

Use 50 Powerups

Fly Fishing

Complete The Jump Set

Jellyfish Sting

Complete The Poison Set

Platform Romp

Complete The Platform Set

Sand Dollar

Earn 5,000 Coins

Hot Feet

Complete The Cool Lava Set


Earn 3 Stars on All Level Sets