I am Setsuna achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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A New Direction

An Uninvited Guest

All-Seeing Eye

Defeated ten enemies with Exact Kill.


Made one monster drop four materials at once.

Those Who Take Up the Sword

The Soaring Shipwright

A Stern Leader

Awakened Power

Used Momentum mode ten times in a single battle.

Crushing Force

Defeated ten enemies with Over Kill.

Momentum Master

Used Momentum mode 100 times.

Realm of Sealed Hope

Infinite Tactics

Defeated enemies with all Kill types.

Hidden Agenda

Forgotten by Time

Moment of Truth

Made one monster drop eight materials at once.

Critical Blow

Inflicted 500 damage in a single hit.

Seeker of Power

Fluxation occurred ten times in Command Spritnite.

Keeper of Legend

Limit Breaker

Inflicted 1000 damage in a single hit.

A Thousand Winters

Harmonic Heart

Used combos in Momentum mode 30 times.

Seeker of Truth

Fluxation occurred four times in a single battle.

From Beyond Oblivion

A Forbidden Land

Realm of Sealed Courage

Connoisseur of Sour Foods

Miracle Alchemist

Used one megalixir.

Realm of Sealed Love

Spritnite Master

Added maximum Fluxes to a spritnite stone.

Ruler of the Waves

The Chosen One

Sacred Prayer

Waves of Change

The Light at the End

Everlasting Light

Bringer of Destruction

Reason for Being

Sacrificial Love

Pride of the Royals

Connoisseur of Bitter Foods

Monster Slayer

Connoisseur of Salty Foods

Seeker of Knowledge

Fluxation occurred ten times in Support Spritnite.

Total Destruction

Connoisseur of Savory Foods

Of Legend and Myth

Connoisseur of Sweet Foods

Worldly Wisdom

Ruler of Heaven and Earth

Fluxation occurred 200 times.

A Tale from a Land of Snow

Obtained all achievements.