Darksburg achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 69 unknown)

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Keep 'Em Coming...

Kill 500 Zombies

Brain Over Brawn

Defeat the Brute

It Was No Ax-ccident

Defeat the Executioner

My First Catch

Defeat the Fishmonger

Welcome to Darksburg!

Start your very first run through Darksburg!

To Kill A Ravenbird

Defeat the Raven Master

Didn't Even Break A Sweat

Kill 1,000 Zombies

Striking Gold

You found your very first Dark!

A Mysterious Ore

You found your very first Dreadium Ingot!

Blowing Out The Candle

Defeat the Burning Witch

Here for the Ferry First Time

Clear the Harbour for the first time.

Have Any Change?

Gather an accumulated total of 500 Darks.

What the Cluck?!

Catch your very first Chicken!

Down With The Hierarchy!

Defeat Baron Manfred Von Darksburg

Pocket Money!

Gather an accumulated total of 1,000 Darks.

Flee Market

Clear the Marketplace for the first time.

The First in a Long Series...

Suffer your first defeat. Now, get up and try again!

Is That All You've Got?

Kill 2,500 Zombies

When A Brute Force Meets An Immovable Object

Defeat the Brute during his Heaume Run


Unlock your very first Curio!

An Explosive Entrance

Destroy a barricade with a Powder Keg

Where the Scare Grows

Clear the Faubourg for the first time.

Now You See Me

Rescue a Survivor grabbed by the Executioner

Fresh Out of the Grave(yard)

Clear the Graveyard for the first time.

We Have Normality

Beat the game on Normal difficulty

I'm Not Trapped In Here With You...

Defeat the Fishmonger while being stuck in her net

Not So Big Now, Are You?

Defeat the Brute 5 times

Air Control

Defeat the Raven Master 5 times

Bomb Squad

Defeat the Burning witch while she's channeling 'Fiery Temper'

How Do You Like It, Huh?!

Defeat the Executioner 5 times

I Didn't Choose The Zombie Slaying Life...

Kill 5,000 Zombies

Like Shooting Fishmongers In A Barrel

Defeat the Fishmonger 5 times

Fair Wages

Gather an accumulated total of 10,000 Darks.

I Get By With A Little Help...

Play with 3 other players

What's That Smell?

Get resurrected at an Outhouse


Defeat the Burning Witch 5 times

Now You Don't

Break the Executioner's rope by cutting the line of sight before choking

Hobbyist Collector

Unlock 5 Curios (any rarity)

Better Together

Win with 3 other players

I meant to do that.

One-shot the Raven Master

Things are getting serious now

Clear a run on Ascension 1

This tomb will be... err.. YOUR tomb!

So Manfred Von Darksburg defeated you, huh? So close!

Again and again and again and again!

Kill 10,000 Zombies

Antique Hunter

Unlock 10 Curios (any rarity)

It's only just begun

Clear a run on Ascension 2

Hoarder's Delight

Gather an accumulated total of 50,000 Darks.


Kill 20,000 Zombies

Choke The Raven, Forevermore

Defeat the Raven Master 25 times

More challenges!

Clear a run on Ascension 3

Halfway there!

Clear a run on Ascension 5

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

Defeat the Executioner 25 times

How Many Times Do I Have To Teach You This Lesson?

Defeat the Brute 25 times

Curiosity Trader

Unlock 25 Curios (any rarity)

Witch Hunter

Defeat the Burning Witch 25 times

Onward and upward!

Clear a run on Ascension 4

Intensive Fishing

Defeat the Fishmonger 25 times

Am I The Only One Working Here?

Revive all 3 teammates at the same time at an Outhouse


Unlock all the loadout's slots and fill them with Curios!

Can't Spend It All In One Place

Gather an accumulated total of 100,000 Darks.

Into the darkness

Clear a run on Ascension 6

Belly of the Whale

Clear a run on Ascension 7

Escape From Darksburg

Clear a run on Ascension 10

Custodian of the Cabinet

Unlock 50 Curios (any rarity)

Every Penny Counts

Hit a whopping total of 10,000 Darks in a single run. Refrain from spending anything!

Owner of the Cabinet

Unlock all the Curios in the Cabinet of Curiosity!

There's a Light

Clear a run on Ascension 8

2-for-1 Discount

Cause a Powder Keg to explode and hit two Revenants at once

Almost there!

Clear a run on Ascension 9

Ooooh, Look At Mr. Responsible Over Here

Revive 100 times your Allies