Nine Parchments achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 54 unknown)

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The Staff Meeting

Collect a wizarding staff

A Fashionable Hat

Collect a hat

Quite Exciting

Kill one of the large and scary monsters that tend to guard mystical spell parchments

Jack and the Beam Stalk

Combine beams three times into one beam

Ice Sculpting

Keep a target frozen for 8 seconds straight


Complete a battle with all players uninjured

Arcane Elements

Possess spells of four different elements in your spellbook

Magnificent Healing

Heal for 1000 points in a single fight

De-Ranged Frost

Using only Ice spells, prevent a ranged enemy from attacking with ranged abilities during a fight

How Stunning!

Five targets are stunned at the same time

Being Patient

Receive 300 points worth of healing from someone else during a single fight


Win a fight using only Fire spells

Tremendously Deadly

Deal 2000 Death damage during a single fight

Broken Alliances

Have the monsters or students kill each other at least five times during a single fight

Clean Hands

Have five enemies kill each other during one fight

De-Ranged Lightning

Using only Lightning spells, prevent a ranged enemy from attacking with ranged abilities during a fight


Kill five characters with a single Ice spell cast

Death's Domain

Kill five targets with a single area spell cast

Timor Mortis

Deal at least 2000 damage with a single spell cast

The Deadliest Plan

Win a fight using only Death spells

Thunder and Boom

Win a fight using only Lightning spells

Everybody Freeze!

In a single fight, freeze any five targets within one second of each other


Deal at least 1500 damage with a single Fire spell cast

That Hits the Spot

Kill five characters with a single Lightning spell cast


Kill at least five targets with a single Fire spell cast

Biting Cold

Deal at least 1500 damage with a single Ice spell cast


Visit every level in the game


Complete the game

Splashing Sparks

Deal fire damage to eight targets within one second

Arcane Fisticuffs

Kill a target in full health with a single physically dealt damage

Stormy Weather

Deal at least 1500 damage with a single Lightning spell cast

Major in Ice

Possess three different Ice spells in your spellbook


Kill five enemies within ten seconds with the Fire Beam spell

Galerum Inexpeditum

Collect a hat in Hardcore difficulty

Major in Healing

Possess three different Life spells in your spellbook

Help Yourself

Heal yourself with Heal Barrage, Bouncing Heal, Huge Healball or Healing Beam

The Stick of Bludgeoning

Melee all enemies in a single fight


Complete a fight in five seconds in Hardcore difficulty

A Difficult Journey

Complete the game in Hard difficulty

Major in Fire

Possess four different Fire spells in your spellbook

Major in Death

Possess four different Death spells in your spellbook

The Whipping Boy

Take 1000 damage during a single Arena

These Things Happen

Kill yourself or a fellow student with the box spell

Major in Lightning

Possess four different Lightning spells in your spellbook

Rising Through Ranks

Deal 5000 damage during a single enemy wave in an Arena


Clear three enemy waves in a row before the timer runs out in an Arena

Boxing Match

Create three boxes during a single fight

The Undefeatable Box Wizard

Defeat the game in Hardcore difficulty

Unboxing New Spells

Obtain four different elemental spells as Amadeus

Top of Class

Clear an Arena without dying

Augmented Performance

Pick up all three different boosts in a single Arena

Fireball Come To Me!

Collect nine parchments as Amadeus

The Hero of Trine

Defeat all bosses as Amadeus

Piercing Assault

Kill five enemies in two seconds with the Piercing Shadow