Great Permutator achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Baby steps

Solve any 3 levels

Oops, no more boxes

Destroy all boxes without completing the level

Exact cover

Complete a level covering all 121 tiles

Teleport master

Complete Multi Teleport Pack

Triple crash

Collide 3 boxes

The first page

Solve all 25 levels from the first page

Unnecessary parts

Complete a level using not all action blocks

Why so slow?

Complete a level in at least 300 cycles

Three in a row

Complete a level placing 3 blocks in one vertical row

Box overflow

Get 50 boxes on the field at the same time


Move 5 boxes to output conveyors simultaneously

Lucky dog

Complete Randomizer Pack

Great permutator

Solve all 50 main levels


Complete Black Box Pack


Solve all 50 main levels with A+ grade

Bonus perfection

Solve all bonus levels with A+ grade