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No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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The Quest Begins

Unlocked for completing the first level.

Over 9000

Unlocked for having a score over a certain amount.

Robot In Disguise

Unlocked for customising your character.

Shifting Gears

Unlocked for swapping character.

Prison Break!

Unlocked for completing Level Pack 1.

Just Can’t Wait To Be King

Unlocked for submitting a score to the Leaderboard.

To Me, To You, To Me, To You

Unlocked for using a magnet.


Unlocked for fully customising your character.

How do they work?

Unlocked for magnetising a magnet.

What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

Unlock Rust.

Where's My Robot?

Unlocked for completing Level Pack 2.


Unlocked for gaining access to all secret levels.

Robot Ninja

Impress a Grumpy King with your ninja moves.

All in Good Time.

Unlocked for completing Level Pack 3.

Unstable Current

Unlocked for having a single bolt transition through all three possible states.

Henry Walton Jones, Jr

Unlocked for finding every collectable in The Wardrobe.


Unlocked for collecting 225 Lightbulbs.

I'm giving her all she's got, Captain!


Sherlock Ohms

Floor 2, Room 3X, 10 Moves. The game is afoot.

Superstar Ken

Unlocked for buying every collectable in The Wardrobe.

Tonight: Great Robot Party!

Unlocked for finding the Big Robot Party.

Super King

Unlocked for being first in the leaderboard, requires at least 4 friends.