Dragon Cliff 龙崖 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 70 unknown)

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Slay Green Orc

Destroy the Clan!

Slay Purple Orc

Taunt is an Art

Obtain invitation of Paladin

Fire from the Sky

Slay Blood Stone Beast

Lawless Courage

Slay Dark Knight

Dead Heart

Slay Blacksmith Wong's Brother

Nowhere to Hide

Slay Dragon Servant


Obtain invitation of Night Blade

Ancient Evil

Slay Demon Skull

Ice Beauty

Obtain invitation of Snow Maiden

Shadow Messenger

Obtain invitation of Young Warlock


Slay Yitchin, the nest of thousand worms

Shijie Xian

Complete quest 'Immortal Corpse, Shijie Xian'

Dragon Blood

Slay Corrupted Horn


Slay Dark Executor

I have your soul!

Obtain invitation of Soul Thief

Dragon Bone

Slay Bone Devil

Meaty Bun!

Obtain invitation of Bun Sister


Obtain invitation of Tough Woman

Fire Eater

Obtain invitation of Fire Assassin

Bloody Eye

Slay Bloody Eye

Red Horn

Obtain invitation of Red Horn


Obtain invitation of Duelist


Obtain invitation of Warrior


Slay Golem

Fire Singer

Obtain invitation of Fire Player


Slay Hydra

Mandate of Heaven?

Slay Demon Dragon

Iron Soldier

Obtain invitation of Iron Soldier

Harmless Wind

Obtain invitation of Elemental Wizard

Killing is Healing

Obtain invitation of Chubby Lady

Farm, farm, farm!

Complete quest 'Farm, farm, farm!'

Cute Squares

Obtain invitation of Cube

Nice Haircut

Obtain invitation of Fashion Boy

Tomb Guard

Complete level one of Imperial Mausoleum

Fire Spirit

Obtain invitation of Fire Spirit

The Undead Aristocracy

Complete quest The undead aristocracy'

Evil Books

Complete quest 'Evil Books'

Warm Spring

Obtain invitation of Golden Shaman

Tasty! (2 star)

Slay Green Orc on 2 star difficulty

Destroy the Clan! (2 star)

Slay Purple Orc on 2 star difficulty

Fire from the Sky (2 star)

Slay Blood Stone Beast on 2 star difficulty


Obtain invitation of Conjurer

Painless Revenge

Obtain invitation of Tactician

Farm, farm, farm! (2 star)

Complete quest 'Farm, farm, farm!' on 2 star difficulty

Dead Heart (2 star)

Slay Blacksmith Wong's Brother on 2 star difficulty

Nowhere to Hide (2 star)

Slay Dragon Servant on 2 star difficulty

Ancient Evil (2 star)

Slay Demon Skull on 2 star difficulty

Gu (2 star)

Slay Yitchin, the nest of thousand worms on 2 star difficulty

Shijie Xian (2 star)

Complete quest 'Immortal Corpse, Shijie Xian' on 2 star difficulty

Executor (2 star)

Slay Dark Executor on 2 star difficulty

Dragon Blood (2 star)

Slay Corrupted Horn on 2 star difficulty

Dragon Bone (2 star)

Slay Bone Devil on 2 star difficulty

Bloody Eye (2 star)

Slay Bloody Eye on 2 star difficulty

Defender (2 star)

Slay Golem on 2 star difficulty

Hydra (2 star)

Slay Hydra on 2 star difficulty

Mandate of Heaven? (2 star)

Slay Demon Dragon on 2 star difficulty

Evil Books (2 star)

Complete quest 'Evil Books' on 2 star difficulty

Tomb Guard (2 star)

Complete level one of Imperial Mausoleum on 2 star difficulty

The Undead Aristocracy (2 star)

Complete quest The undead aristocracy' on 2 star difficulty

First Try

Complete level 100 of Mystic Dimension

Sharpen Up

Complete level 200 of Mystic Dimension

Armed to the Teeth

Complete level 300 of Mystic Dimension

One-Hit Kill

Complete level 400 of Mystic Dimension


Complete level 500 of Mystic Dimension

Subtle Balance

Complete level 600 of Mystic Dimension

Hit Back

Complete level 700 of Mystic Dimension

Unraveled Trace

Complete level 800 of Mystic Dimension

Treading on Thin Ice

Complete level 900 of Mystic Dimension

Final Word

Complete level 1000 of Mystic Dimension