RADical ROACH Remastered achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Now It Starts

Beat Level 2

Anti Air Aracnids

Beat Level 3

Fear Of Shadows

Beat Level 4

Lizard Time

Beat Level 5

Chameleon Pop

Kill The Chameleon

Into The Cave

Beat Level 7

Killing Cave Fleas

Beat Level 8

Musky Moz

Beat Level 9

Mole Madness

Kill The Mole

No Way Out

Beat Level 10

Blind But Deadly

Beat Level 11

Fire Bugs

Beat Level 13

Maze In Flames

Beat Level 14

Burn It Down

Beat Level 15

Fire Incoming

Beat Level 16

Fire & Spikes

Beat Hogan

Run Run Little Roach

Beat Level 17

War Cry

Beat Level 20

Coming For Blood

Kill The Squirrel


Beat Level 21

No Fleas

Beat Level 22

Time To Die

Beat Level 23

La Cucaracha

Beat The Game

Mantis Tennis

Beat Level 19

Mantis Tennis

Beat Level 19

Kill 100 Mosquitoes

Kill 100 Mosquitoes

Kill 100 Poppers

Kill 100 Poppers

Kill 500 Mosquitoes

Kill 500 Mosquitoes

Kill 1000 Mosquitoes

Kill 1000 Mosquitoes

Falling Rock

Spit On The Rock

Kill 100 Fire Bugs

Kill 100 Fire Bugs

Blood Face

Pop It's Mask

Secret Cave

Find The Hidden Path

Survivor Roach

Beat On Normal Mode

Saiyan Roach

Beat On Hard Mode