Timberman achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Double Tap

Chop 10 logs in 2 seconds

Angel of Axe

Score 150 or chop 1117

Little Elf

Score 250 or chop 3917


Launch the game 9 times

Triple Tap

chop 100 logs in 15 seconds


Fight 10 times in multiplayer mode

Like a Boss

Defeat 5 different people in multiplayer

Just Magic

Score 500 or chop 30000

Score Master

Let yourself be killed by branch with score 180 points exactly

Black Ninja

score 555 or chop 55555


Score more than 200 three times in a row

Lazy Ugly Bird

Score 700 or chop 100000


Chop 200 logs in over 46 seconds in a single player game

Mighty Mr Tree

Score 1001 or chop 150000

Speedy Treeles

Win three rounds in a row by being much faster than opponent

Dark Horse

Beat 10 much stronger opponents in multiplayer


Win 33 4 players matches


Defeat 25 people by being much faster in 4 players mode

War in Heaven

Fight in multiplayer with devils and angles only


Unlock at least 4 out of 5 new steam exclusive characters