God of Word achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Vernacular Mosaic

Spell a word with 3 or more Special Tiles


Spell a 7 Letter Word

Averted Gaze

Defeat Medusa


Defeat Cerberus

Gross Overreaction

Defeat the Sphinx

Precise Strike

Kill an enemy with exact damage

Say Aah!

Defeat the Nemean Lion


Max out an ability

Boorish Boar Beatdown

Defeat the Calydonian Boar

The Things We Do For Pie

Defeat Ladon

Patron of Thieves

Unlock 5 Treasure Chests

Float Like A Butterfly

Defeat the Manticore

Marathon Massacre

Defeat 100 Normal Enemies

What's The Goat's Contribution?

Defeat the Chimera

Death By 10,000 Cuts

Use 10,000 Letters


Spell 2,500 Words

Party Animal

Defeat the Cyclops

Five Heads Is Better Than One

Defeat the Hydra

Sticky Keys

Defeat Arachne


Save 10 Followers

You Needn't Worry

Save a follower with no incorrect guesses

Baby Eater

Defeat Lamia

When The Moon Hits Your Eye

Defeat Lycaon

Rude Awakening

Defeat the Minotaur

Mother Of Monsters

Defeat Echidna

Dexterous Survivor

Beat All Typing Levels

Father Of Monsters

Defeat Typhon

Making Plutus Proud

Earn 500,000 Gold


Reach the Max Level

You've Got Mail

Beat All Levels