OMG Zombies! achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 12 unknown)

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Sweeter Than Gold

Get a Platinum medal

You Made It... Right?

Finish the game with any ending

Frying Tonight

Kill 5 other Zombies by shooting a Taser Zombie

Barrel Of Laughs

Complete a level by only shooting Barrels

Happy Shopper

Get all Upgrades in a single category

Feel The Rush

Get a Platinum medal with a single bullet

Line ‘Em Up

Shoot a Cop Zombie and have their bullet kill five other Zombies

Flawless Victory

Finish the game getting the best ending


Get all upgrades in all categories

No Stone Unturned...

Complete the game to 100% (all Platinum medals)

Back In The Line

Prestige the Game once

Bang!! And The Zombies Are Gone!

Prestige 20 times