Mount Your Friends achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 8 unknown)

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Look Ma, No Hands!

Travel 50 feet horizontally without sticking to any surfaces

Best Friends Hold Hands

Have 8 climbers in Basic Climb chain holding hands

A Straight Shooter

Make a tower 70 feet high in Basic Climb without climbers taking up more than 7 feet of the field's width

Dog Piling

Make a pile of 10 climbers in Basic Climb without passing 11 feet

Tea Baggers

Make a tower of 6 teabaggers in Basic Climb


Have your top 2 climbers at least 60 feet up and 60 feet apart in Basic Climb

Stun Out

Spin 5 times in air before landing on any surface

So Lonely

Have a climber 40 feet away from any other climber in Man Crafting