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No missable achievements (plus 64 unknown)

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To the Centre

1 core drilled

Tasty learnings

Researched 1 Cell

For a better tomorrow

Leveled up crew 1 time

Moving on up

Upgraded HQ for the first time

What Secrets

Earned 1 research medal

You're hired

Hired 5 crew members

Ahh I see...

Researched 10 Cells

Core Crusher

Unlocked 5 Coretrium Nodes

Lick of paint

5 rooms known

Tasty Cash

Earned 500 thousand in gold

Bottom Feeder

Completed division 10

Shooting Star

2nd tier drill Sites unlocked

Luck of the draw

Played Research Roulette 10 times


Completed division 9

Cash Flow

Earned 2.5 million in gold

Thinking big

Upgraded HQ to level 5


Completed division 8

Knowledge is power

Researched 40 Cells

Grab deh Monies

Smashed 1,000 chests

Expanding Reality

Unlocked 25 Coretrium Nodes

Hit the Mark

25 cores drilled

Paper or Plastic

12 shop items purchased

Destructive Tendencies

Smashed 2,500 crates

Feed them information

Leveled up crew 50 times

Welcome aboard

Hired 25 crew members

Night Stalker

Completed division 7

Distant Galaxy

3rd tier drill site unlocked

Touch of class

15 rooms known

Big Bucks

Earned 10 million in gold


Researched 80 Cells

Ram Raider

Completed division 6

I Must Know More

Earned 80 research medals

High Rise

Upgraded HQ to level 10

Extracting the Entity

Unlocked 50 Coretrium Nodes

Cash or Credit

24 shop items purchased

House always wins

Played Research Roulette 50 times

I.Q Unknown

Researched 120 Cells

Ever Expanding

4th tier drill sites unlocked

Cliff Hanger

Completed division 5

Ultimate Destruction

Smashed 5,000 crates

Keeps them busy

25 rooms known

Core Blimey

100 cores drilled


Smashed 3,000 chests


36 shop items purchased

Investing in tommorrow

Leveled up crew 120 times

The Abominables

Completed division 4

Brain Ache

Researched 160 Cells

That cool place to work

Hired 60 crew members

Money Bags

Earned 100 million in gold

The Explorer

30 quadrants explored

Ultra Hunter

Completed division 3

Sold Out

48 shop items purchased

Up up and away

Upgraded HQ to level 15

So this Does That

Earned 160 research medals

King Cobra

Completed division 2

I must know all

Researched 240 Cells

Core Destroyer

200 cores drilled

Become the Singularity

Unlocked 91 Coretrium Nodes

HR enthusiast

Leveled up crew 250 times

Gotta hire em all!

Hired 96 crew members

Core Collector

Completed division 1

I Know Too Much

Earned 240 research medals

Mr/s know it all

Researched 360 Cells

So many stats

40 rooms known