RymdResa achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 80 unknown)

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Explore the sky

Explore 35 times!

Find research

Find a Research Pod!

Explore the diary

Listen to 10 Diary Pods!

50 quests

Explore 50 times!

Chapter 1

Find the 9 signal locations!

The researchers gift

Unlock a research!


Buy Vanadis!

1000 stars

Collect 1000 stars!

Unlock a skill

Unlock a skill slot!

Unlock Ship Shield

Unlock The Ship Shield in your Home Planet!

100 quests

Explore 100 times!

Ithun Scout

Buy Ithun Scout!

Heart of stone

Get hit by 50 stones!

Treasure Chest

Explore a Treasure Chest!

Embla - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Embla 5 times)!

Scrap items

Scrap 10 items in inventory!


Buy Lokasenna!


Recharge 25 times in The Refuel Station!

Chapter 2

Unlock The Mothership!

100 years in space

Spend in total 100 years in space!

50 notes

Listen to 50 Diary Pods!

Closer to the light

Use Hyper Boost 50 times!

4000 materials

Collect 4000 materials!

30 consumables

Use 30 consumable items!

Teleport Gate

Use The Teleport Gate!

Unlock Zone Map

Unlock The Zone Map in your Mothership!

Gylfi Command

Buy Gylfi Command!

Unlock Orb

Unlock The Orb in your Mothership

Skadi Cruiser

Buy Skadi Cruiser!

100 stones

Take damage from 100 stones!

Energy Ring

Activate The Energy Ring!


Find a Alienship

Craft an item!

Great things are crafted in the forge.

Oden Alpha

Buy Oden Alpha!

Gift of Hyper Speed

Use Hyper Boost 100 times!


Upgrade The Mothership!

Find all Research Pods

Let the knowledge lead your way!

The zone master

Visit zones 1000 times!

Laser Entity

Get the key from The Entity!

The 10th Healer

Use 10 Resource Kits!

Gravity Entity

Get the key from The Entity!

Ghost Ship 4

Ghost Ship 4 [x: -45 : y: 45]

Star ocean

Collect 10 000 stars!

The Monoliths

Unlock The Monoliths!

Electro Entity

Get the key from The Entity!

Gather keys

Gather the 9 ancient keys in Chapter 3!

Ghost Ship 3

Ghost Ship 3 [x:45 : y:-45]

The Pilot

Reach Pilot Level 25!


Buy Ragnarok!

Wonder - Blue Gloom Ghost

[x: -66: y: 66]

100 consumables

Use 100 consumable items!

Wonder - The Yellow Dawn Pyramid

[x: 66 : y: -66]

Ghost Ship 5

Ghost Ship 5 [x: 0 : y:-75]

Ghost Ship 1

Ghost Ship 1 [x:150 : y:0]

Vanadis - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Vanadis 5 times)!

Research Master

Unlock all researches!


Get hit by 50 mines!

Brightest Of Lights

The Burnt Ship [x:250 : y:0]

Ghost Ship 2

Ghost Ship 2 [x:-150 : y:0]

Max level

Reach level 40!

100 game sessions

100 game sessions played!

Buy them all

You have bought every ship!

Advanced dedication

Accomplish all missions in the advanced category.

Wonder - The Space Cat Roland

[x: -250 : y: 0]

Ithun Scout - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Ithun Scout 5 times)!

Wonder - The Reborned Baby

[x: 25 : y: 125]

The basics

Complete all the basic missions!

Legendary items

Find 8 legendary items!

Lokasenna - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Lokasenna 5 times)!

100 mines

Take damage from 100 mines!


Beat chapter 1 on Hardcore

Find The Black Hole

something is hidden, screaming, and longing to be found.

Space pilgrimage

Launch all expeditions!

Gylfi Command - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Gylfi Command 5 times)!

Skadi Crusier - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Skadi Crusier 5 times)!

Oden Alpha - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Oden Alpha 5 times)!


Beat chapter 2 on Hardcore

Ragnarok - ship mastery

Launch expedition (travel with Ragnarok 5 times)!


Beat chapter 3 on Hardcore


Beat chapter 3 on Expert