MiDZone achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 25 unknown)

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Tried all

Play in all of the three maps.

Easy Trophy

Loose two times.

Team down

Kill one of the four main robots

Maybe lucky

⦁Kill 1 robot without getting shot

I don't believe in luck

⦁Kill 10 robot without getting shot


⦁Kill 50 robots total

Growing economy

⦁Build 20 building

Fix me

⦁Get repaired by a team member

First Ally

Produce on robot.

Fifth Ally

Produce 5 robots

Fast Killing machine

Win a match in less than 5 minutes.

Doubt it's luck

⦁Kill 5 robot without getting shot

Young Assassin

⦁Kill 10 robots total

Big economy

Own 5000 building material.


Win a match.

The Puzzle

⦁There is a combination of numbers written on the crates that can be translated to a word, figure it out and type it on your keyboard


⦁Reach 10 kills with your team


⦁Kill a robot by placing a land mine


Win 10 matches.


Win a match without getting shot


⦁Kill 100 robots total


Build the solar house

Ready for war

Produce 10 robots

Ready for production

Own 2000 Building material

Offensive Units

Produce 10 attackers