Lucius Demake achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 44 unknown)

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First blood

Kill Mary.

Double murder

Kille Gene.


Collect 20 items.

Getting the hang of it

Kill 3 persons.

Are You There God? It's Me, Lucius

Turn a cross five times.

There is no answer

Talk to to people 10 times.

Serial killer

Kill 4 persons.

Frank Morris

Escape from storage jail.

Mommy's little helper

Complete chores for all the presents.

High five

Kill 5 persons.

My lucky number

Kill 6 persons.

We got ourselves a reader

Read 20 journal entries.

Deadly sins

Kill 7 persons.

Killed eight people and loving it

kill 8 persons.

Nine gates of hell

Kill 9 persons.

Devils Trainee

Complete all tutorial's.

They see me rollin

Get spotted 5 times.


Find secret chamber before chapter seven.

Nine of them did not matter

Kill 10 persons.


Use lesser combustion 5 times.


Use lesser combustion 10 times.

Seven to eleven

Kill 11 persons.

These things belong together

Combine 6 items.

No for homeschooling

Kill 12 persons.

Unlucky one

Kill 13 persons.

Inside your head

Use mindcontrol 5 times.

Finally no more driving

Kill 14 persons.

Almost there

Kill 15 persons.


kill 16 persons.


Take 20 pictures.

You all saw him - he had a gun

Kill 17 persons.

Catholic vengeance

Kill 18 persons.

Two out of three fathers

Kill 19 persons.

Son of the Devil

kill 20 persons.

Dr. Kevorkian

Assist on 3 suicides.

Tour de Dante manor

Cycle 10 miles.


Use memory-erase 5 times.


Open safe without hints.


Shoot someone.


Let five people burn.

Dr. Alzheimer

Use memory-erase 10 times.


Run 26 miles.

Screw hiding

Shoot 5 persons.

Ultimate devil mindtrick

Use mindcontrol 10 times.