Knock-knock achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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My name is Nobody

Turned the light on in a room before a breach opened

Something in the way

Entered a haunter

I was ready

Managed to hide succesfully

Open your mind

Saw a fragment of reality

Through the looking glass

Entered a breach


Touched the weeping one

I'm not there

Managed to hide succesfully five times

Good things come in threes

Saw three fragments of reality

The enlightened

Turned the light on in every room

Fear of a blank page

Found a diary page

They are legion

Entered ten haunters

Busy with paperwork

Found five diary pages

Weaving the story

Remembered the story of the Lost Child

How's Annie?

Turned into a doppelganger

Nobody home

Managed to hide succesfully ten times


Chose to lock The Lodger inside the cabin and remain hidden

Breaking the circle

Chose to go into the woods

Knowing the flip side

Saw all fragments of reality