Midas Gold Plus achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Complete your buildings

Get at least one Merchants Guild

Getting Rich

Gather 100 Diamonds

Master University Researches

Complete 50 University Researches

Raids against the machine

Reach Rank 2 On raids

Your Idle Profits are getting better

Complete 5 Knowledge Researches on Idle Profits

Unlock Energy Mode

Unlock Kenny, The Rogue to unlock Energy mode

Complete Exotic Merchant

Get all upgrades and multipliers in the Exotic Merchant

Midas is getting Strong

Reach Midas Level 8

Collect all Artifacts

Upgrade All Artifacts to the Max Level

You got the power

Reach Rank High Warlord On raids

2000 Level

All buildings should be at least 2000 Level

Unlock Void Crystals

Unlock Felix, The Vanquisher to reveal the Secrets of the Void

Nail it on Midaeum

Upgrade Hall Of Champions to Level 10 on Midaeum

You are a legend

Obtain 11 Legendary Items

Gold Flowers

Unlock "Gold Flowers" Achievement

1111 Level

All buildings should be exactly 1111 Level

Ready for the Epic Battles

Find the War Oupost

Fight Ancient Greeks

Conquer Sparta 5 times

Enhance your Outpost

Complete Level 20 in all buildings on war Outpost

Dominate the World

Get the "Trophy of the World Domination" Upgrade

You are a War Veteran

Obtain 9 War Outpost Emblems

Critical is your weapon

Reach 65% Critical Chance

Benedict and his Trophies

Get the "Trophy of times" Upgrade using Benedict the timeless knight