Adventure Time: The Secret Of The Nameless Kingdom achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 35 unknown)

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Princess Day

Complete the tutorial


Find a gum globe

A penny burned

Buy something from Choose Goose

Love games

Complete the Love Note quest

Wake Up

Complete the Song Temple

Level 99

Chop down 999 bushes

Red starved

Find a thump shard

Why did you do that!?

Use Grabby Hand on a Pie Fairy

A day in the life of a bun

Complete the Cinnamon Fun! quest

From bad to worse

Complete the Terrible People quest

Food chain

Buy any trail mix


Store a Convict Fairy in a baggy

Dungeon train

Complete the Dream Temple

Burning low

Kill a Lub Glub using Flambo

Bad timing

Beat Starchy's Graveyard Fun Run

The Stanley Grayble

Talk to Stanley five times

The real you

Find every Gunter cave

Marceline's closet

Lie to Marceline

The Enchiridion!

Complete the Trading Game quest

Blade of grass

Complete sword training

Wizards only, fools

Receive every curse

The vault

Complete the Door Repair quest

Ocean of fear

Complete the Fear Temple

Play date

Complete the Dungeon Drama quest

The party's over

Party in the Rave Cave for 11 minutes and 12 seconds

Jake suit

Kill an enemy after both Finn and Jake have attacked it

Sad face

Break the pot breaking record

A good idea at the time...

Choose Nightmare Princess to rule

The pods

Find all five baggies

It was a song all along!

Choose Lullaby Princess to rule

It was a dream all along!

Choose Slumber Princess to rule

The red throne

Find all thump shards / spare thumps


Stun 5 enemies with a single Bananarang

Be more

Find everything in the game


Beat the game with 3 thumps, without upgraded sword, shield, or armor