Chronicles of Vinland achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Outcast no More

Reach 100 Influence points.


Construсt all buildings.

Gaining Prominence

Reach 1000 Influence points.

Clash of Civilizations

Successfully defend the settlement from the natives‘ raid.

Dreams of an Empire

Reach 10000 Influence points.

Growing Bigger Than Oslo!

Upgrade every attribute of every building to Level 5.

Fury of the Northmen

Gain 1000 Influence from victories in battles.


Complete at least one mission for each tribe

Arrows of Doom

Defeat the natives, making 3 or less shots.

Remember How It All Began

Start the game from the beginning.

Full Bins

Fill all warehouses of all resource-producing buildings.

Wayward Outlander

Visit all 5 settlements without engaging in dialogue.

Economic Wonder of the 11th Century

Store 1 million of each resource (except Influence and Indian resources).

Friend of Natives

Get at least 100 units of any Indian resource in a single trade.

The Builder King

Upgrade any attribute of any building to Level 100.

Peaceful Domination

Establish your supreme rule over all settlements

King of Vinland

Raise your rating to 1 million.