Grow Home achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 26 unknown)

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Where's Warble?

Find a warble creature

What, no zombies?

Make it through your first night.

Houston, we have a solution

Mission complete! You teleported a star seed home

Redcow Robot

Freefall over 1000m and survive

Underground, Overground

Discover all caves

Venus in furs

Deliver a Meep creature to the jaws of the SNAPDRAGON plant

Green Fingers

Grown 50 star shoots

Green Toes

Bounced on 50 spring leaves

Gas Leak

Accumulated over 10 minutes airtime using the rocket-pack


Teleport with a meep creature

Shaken, not stirred

Catch and collect a falling leaf glider in mid-air

Come fly with me

Take a Meep creature for a flight for at least 10 seconds

You've got a bad altitude

Trigger over 100 altitude warnings

iiiiiiiinnnnn one!

Make the Torro creature fall down the hole in the cave

Galactic Gardener

Collected all star seeds

Energizer Buddy

Collected all 100 crystals

Sheep dipper

Drowned 3 defenceless meep creatures. You monster!

Rotisserie Chicken

Float a warble creature in an anti-gravity flower

Investment Account

Complete the Data Bank sub mission

Hang Time

Spent a total of 30 minutes gliding

Triple Corkscrew

Have 3 star shoots growing at the same time

Five a day

Suspend 5 different plants in the tele-router device


Glide under all the rock arches in the game

Climby, Climby Robot

Climbed over 10000m on any surface

Flower Power

Used 50 fall flowers

Shroom Trampoline

Combo a mushroom bounce for 2 minutes without landing