Faron's Fate achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Dungeon Crawler

Beat The Dungeon

Collection x25

Collect 25 different items

Collection x50

Collect 50 different items

Cave Spelunker

Beat The Caves

Collection x100

Collect 100 different items

Conquered The Core

Beat The Core


Collect the full Knight Armor set

Collection x150

Collect 150 different items

Open Minded

Pray to every altar


Collect the full Wizard clothing set


Collect the full Vampire armor set

Flawless Bronze

Beat each of The Dungeon's bosses flawlessly, without taking damage


Collect the full Thief set

Ghost Buster!

Kill the six ghosts of Faron


Loop around Infinity Mode twice

Flawless Silver

Beat each of The Caves's bosses flawlessly, without taking damage

Triple Loop

Loop around Infinity Mode thrice

Boss Buster

Beat Boss Rush mode

Quad Loop

Loop around Infinity Mode four times in a row

Quick Footed

Beat the game in under 20 minutes

Full Wardrobe

Collect all the suits of armor

Flawless Gold

Beat each of The Core's main bosses flawlessly, without taking damage

Clock Stopper

Beat the game in under 15 minutes

Gotta Go Fast

Beat Time Attack mode

Collection complete!

Complete your item collection

Master of Fate

100% the game

Speed Runner

Beat boss rush in under 6 minutes