Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 60 unknown)

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Fits Like a Glove

Meet your new best friend

Patched Up

Receive a software update for your leash


Perform 10 different Single Player Skillshots

All Bow To Heavy Metal

Big head, big headache


Perform 25% of the Single Player Skillshots

Size Matters

Use your biggest weapon

Damsel in Distress

Rescue the princess

Weed Killer

Tidy up the back yard

Minced Meat

Take out the Mall's biggest customer

Major Malfunction

Destroy 50% of the Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign

Big Cheese

Perform 50% of the Single Player Skillshots

Grilled Meat

Prepare a big meal using an improvised electric stove

Armed and dangerous

Grow as a person, experience betrayal. Again.


Catch a ride

Destructive Beat

Complete the Campaign on Very Easy or Easy Difficulty

Destroyer of Worlds

Cause major destruction

Disco Inferno

Kill all enemies without leaving the dance floor in the city outskirts

Violent Melody

Complete the Campaign on Normal Difficulty

No Man Left Behind

Kill all enemies while escaping from the collapsed building

Om Nom Nom!

Feed a flytrap with a Nom parasite


Execute at least 10 Headshots before you find the first DropKit

Master of Disaster

Earn 2000 points or more at once


Perform 75% of the Single Player Skillshots


Destroy 50% of the Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

Like A Boss

Defeat a miniboss in Anarchy mode

Just one last thing

Kill all enemies before you reach the escape capsule

Brutal Chorus

Complete the Campaign on Hard Difficulty

Space Pirate

Drink at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign

I might be late

Kill all enemies during the sprint to the jumpship

Straight Edge

Destroy at least 20 bottles of Nom Juice in the Single Player Campaign


Kill the enemy inside the airborne helicopter in the park


Play three different Echoes

Total Malfunction

Destroy all Newsbots in the Single Player Campaign

Blood Symphony

Complete the Campaign on Very Hard Difficulty

Pest Control

Destroy all Electroflies in the Single Player Campaign

Star struck

Get 3 Stars on 10 different Echoes

Golden Idol

Perform every Single Player Skillshot in the game

Bounty Hunter

Have a total of at least 125,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score


Get at least 15,000 points in one Echo round

Halfway There

Get at least 45 stars in Echoes Mode

Guerrilla Tactics

Execute at least 25 different Skillshots in one Echo round

Team Player

Complete 50 team challenges in your career in Anarchy mode

Bell End

Kill 5 enemies at the same time using "Dung" in the Villa map


Achieve level 30 in Anarchy mode

Shooting Star

Get at least 1 star on each Echo

Red Barrels

Explode all the red barrels on the rooftop while in a helicopter


Have a total of at least 250,000 points in Echoes Mode's total high score


Get 3 Stars on 20 different Echoes

Old School

Finish an Echo round without executing a single Skillshot


Kill an enemy by thumping them into a helicopter in the Mini City map

Fast Track

On Mean Street, kill all the snipers on the rooftop before the DNA bomb explodes

Hell Razor

Kill a Burnout using the helicopter that arrives in Crash Site


In the Rock Quarry map kill an enemy using a Mine Cart, Oven, Fan, Smasher and Lava Cart in one wave

Last Blood

At the end of Guns of Stygia, kill all the enemies on the walkways before the explosions do


On Monorail Factory, kill all enemies whilst riding the lift

Beat 'em down

Kill every enemy in a wave using only the Teleportation in the Ulysses map

Environment Master

Perform every Anarchy environmental Skillshot

Heart Attack

Kill a Boss using the Hot Dog cart in the Hotel Elysium map


In the Sewer map Kill 5 enemies in 1 wave by setting them on fire then extinguishing them

Anarchy Master

Achieve a score of at least 40,000 as a team in Anarchy mode