Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 51 unknown)

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Defeat a monster for the first time.

Collaborative Effort

Give birth to your first Star Child.

Conqueror of Lust

Monster Hunter

Defeat 100 monsters.

City's Biggest Family

Give birth to 20 Star Children.

Conqueror of Gluttony

Independence Day

Have 10 Star Children go independent.

Monster Blaster

Defeat 500 monsters.

Monster Killer

Instantly killed monsters 100 times.

Conqueror of Greed

Love Triangle

Experience your first Trimating.

The Best Defense

Attack a total of 1,000 times.

Skill Artist

Use skills a total of 500 times.

Conqueror of Sloth

Fine Fort City

Increase the city's level to 30.

Open For Business

Unlock all facilities.

The Basics of RPGs

Check sub-events 30 times.

Group Therapy

Take every heroine into the Labyrinths.

Conqueror of Wrath

World's Biggest Family

Give birth to 100 Star Children.

Maxed Out

Increase all facilities' level to MAX.

Conqueror of Envy

Conqueror of Pride

The Secret of Bonds

Give gifts to the heroines 30 times.


Amass over 1,000,000G.

Child Labor

Have 100 Star Children go independent.

Chain Master

Perform a total of 100 Chains.

Combo Expert

Perform 30 Intercepts.

Mecunite Artist

Mecunite a total of 30 times.

Original Sin Smiter

Fuuko's Bond

Serina's Bond

With Friends

Chloe's Bond

Ellie's Bond

Feene's Bond

Narika's Bond

Torri's Bond

Perfect Fort City

Increase the city's level to 100.

This Party Don't Stop

Vigilant Avenger

Classy Children

Give birth to a Star Child of each class.

Filial Piety

Receive money from your Star Children 30 times.

Memories with Ellie

Memories with Fuuko

Memories with Narika

Memories with Serina

Memories with Chloe

Memories with Feene

Memories with Torri

All Achievement

Earned all achievement.