Strife: Veteran Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Silence is Golden

Complete Rowan's Mission

Lending a Hand

Free the prisoners

Code Monkey

Defeat the Programmer


Defeat the Bishop

So Much for Prognostication

Defeat the Oracle

Top of the class

Complete the training course

Trust No One

Defeat Macil

Spontaneous Combustion

Ignite an Acolyte with the flamethrower and have his burning corpse ignite three others

Mystical Doubletalk

Defeat the Loremaster


Finish game with worst ending

Galiant Hero

Finish game with best ending


Complete the 'Trust No One' demo on any difficulty

How Hard Can It Be?

Find the Power Crystal in the Power Station without setting off any alarms

Fully Amphed

Get full stamina and accuracy upgrades

Without Hope

Finish game with mediocre ending

Berserk Reborn

Collect all 3 talismans

Hardcore Warm-up

Complete the 'Trust No One' demo on Bloodbath difficulty under 6 minutes


Discover all secret areas in a single savegame file


Complete the game with best ending on Bloodbath difficulty

Grab the Fancy Cup

Win a mulitplayer match in 'Capture the Chalice' game mode