Defend The Highlands achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Warrior of the Highlands

Kill 100 enemies

Bagpipe Player

Recruit 100 Scotsmen in total


Fully upgrade a stat

Thane of the Highlands

Kill 1,000 enemies

Fearsome Leader

Get 500 kills with Alfredo

Mashed Potato

Kill 500 Irish Potato Farmers

Deflated Balls

Kill 500 Welsh Rugby Players

Hat Trick

Kill 500 English Cricket Players


Have 2,000 gold at once

Porridge Warrior

Kill 1,000 enemies with porridge bowls

Massive Stockpile

Have 5,000 porridge at once


Fully upgrade all stats on a single unit

No True Scotsman

Complete a skirmish match on easy

Highland Army

Have 50 Scotsmen at once

Teapot Smasher

Kill 500 Posh Englishmen

Back In Your Graves

Kill 500 Ancient Briton Warriors

Steal from the Rich

Get 500 kills with Robin Hood

Deadly Strike

Hit 5 enemies with a single artillery strike or haggis


Kill 500 enemies in melee

Bagpipe Legend

Recruit 1,000 Scotsmen in total

Roast Lamb

Kill 500 Welsh Sheep Riders

Porridge Beats Guns

Kill 500 Beefeaters

Novice Scotsman

Complete a skirmish match on medium

Mow Them Down

Kill 1,000 enemies with turnip turrets

Defier of Shamrocks

Kill 500 Leprechauns


Kill 1,000 enemies with porridge cannons

Friend of Nessy

Kill 10 enemies with Nessy in a single match


Kill 250 enemies with bagpipe artillery

People's Uprising

Complete a skirmish match without heroes

Brave Scotsman

Complete a skirmish match on hard

Brave Heart

Get 500 kills with William Wallace

King of the Highlands

Kill 10,000 enemies

True Scotsman

Complete a skirmish match on impossible


Complete a skirmish match without towers

Golf Champion

Kill 1,000 enemies with golf balls


Defeat a level 6 enemy on level 1 in skirmish mode


Kill 500 enemies with cheese wheels

Siege Engineer

Kill 1,000 enemies with haggis catapults

Celtic Wrath

Get 500 kills with Queen Boadicea


Kill 500 enemies with whisky vomit