Freedom Fighter achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 13 unknown)

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You've broken out of your first prison cell!

First Kill

The first kill is the hardest.

Lost Puppy

Saving prisoners could be your new thing. (Saved first prisoner)

Finding a Hobby

Dead bodies are now your new hobby. Good job killing at least 50 enemies!

Hobby to Habit

After killing over 100 enemies, your hobby of killing has became a natural habit.

Some Sort of Savior

People are starting to talk.. Callin' you some sort of savior or somethin'. (At least 50 Prisoners set free)

Captain Savior

That's Captain Savior to ye! (At least 100 Prisoners set free)

Pick lock Master

You've broken out of at least 100 prison cells. You are a pick lock master!

A Way of Life

After killing over 500 enemies, you can't imagine NOT killing! Great job!

The Peoples Hero

You've been deemed the peoples hero! (At least 500 Prisoners set free)

Natural Born Killer

You must be a Natural Born Killer! (At least 1,000 Enemies killed)

The Score Collector

Holy Bahjeezus! You've managed to earn over 1,000,000 points, you're an animal!

Heroic Human From Heaven

The people have been saying you're heaven sent! Great job, Hero! (At least 1,000 Prisoners set free)