Ascender achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 33 unknown)

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Get scrutinized

Finish task Scrutinizing Body Function

The Central Capital

Visit Dolopo

Scare is in the A.IR

Finish task AI.R Enlisting

The flying amalgamon

Finish task Gotta Catch a Meowl

The Green Fields

Visit Mustang

Flood survivor

Finish task Dry Out

Ready for more... walk

Finish task A Broken Patella

The Rune Quarry

Visit Rajumla

Just mushrooms

Finish task Gardener

It is on!

Finish task Elefix

Titan go!!

Finish task Acquiring Titanium

Finding the old at the north

Finish task Finding Paxton

The Sacred Ground

Visit Everest

The Tech Hub

Visit Helion

Mystery Solved

Finish task Mysterious Rune

The Smithy Cave

Visit Ranesh

The Metal Pit

Visit Hymla

Hide and seek champion

Finish task Runaway Garsel

Target acquired

Finish task Forty Bars

The dread is out

Defeat Salatypus

No more old stuff

Finish task Ancient Engraving

Wet problem solved

Finish task Cattle Pond

Not safe to eat

Finish task Greedy Xavier

The son is safe

Finish task Aldrin Thatcher

Space for all

Fully expand rune slot

The bendy metal

Finish task Nolamium Metal

The spherical alloy

Finish task Galvanium Alloy

Naughty Sky

Easter egg in AI.R?

The stone

Get an ending of the stone

The hope

Get an ending of hope

The last rune

Finish task Power Sources

The tree

Get an ending of the tree

The Master Achiever