Pikuniku achievement guide & roadmap



Single and multi-player

3 missable achievements (plus 10 unknown)

Guide 28% complete - please help finish it



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Clumsy boy


Collected 70 coins


Aim for the stars

Story, Unmissable,

Right under your feet

Found every insect

I want to hold your hand

Bad day

Gotta go fast

Objective, Soft-missable, MP-only,

Finish a coop level in less than 3 minutes

Easy enough on levels 1, 3 or 5.  5 is probably the easiest, especially if you're attempting it on your own.


Objective, Missable,

Make an artistic statement

in the painter's house, when you design the face for the scarecrow do not draw anything!

The winner takes it all

3 baskick wins in a row

You're not helping

Objective, Unmissable, MP-only,

An easy/boring/pointless grind.  If you don't have a friend just connect another controller and leave the other 'player' idle while you beat the cr*p out of them...

The Stubborn


Dancing machine

Objective, Missable,

Hit all 110 notes of the song in a single combo.  Keep trying - and if you miss one hard quit (Alt+F4 on Windows) and try again...   ...its not as hard as it sounds.


Found every trophy