Great Hero's Beard achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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First Fusion

A New Beginning

Reach Level 20

Princess Bombshell

Rescue First Princess

Natural Strength

Deal 1'000 Damage

Journey Ahead

Reach Level 40

Princess Gold-digger

Rescue Second Princess

Princess Swimalot

Rescue Third Princess

Unexpected Complications

Reach Level 60

Plot Thickness

Reach Level 80

Be Faster Than Your Enemy


Big Boi

100'000 Damage

Princess Fundead

Rescue 4th Princess

And a Happy Ending

Reach Level 100

Life Comes At You Fast

First Retirement

Princess Curseless

Rescue Fifth Princess

Path Cleared

Defeat the Guardian Azriel

Losing Connection With Humanity

Deal 1M Damage

Speed Demon



100'000 HP

Old But Strong

5th Retirement

Veteran Level

10th Retirement

Boss Life

Defeat Demon Lord Baal

Skelethrone Slayer

Defeat Skelethrone King Slayer

Winter is Here

Defeat the Avalanche

Strongest Man on the Planet

Defeat the Sea King Neposeitune

Destiny is Yours

Defeat the Chubby Tubby Warlord

Harem/Hoes Before Bros

Max out all princesses