Antihero achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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New in Town

Complete level 1

Trounce the Twit

Defeat Lygrave

Hush Money

Win a match with 2 blackmails

Harass the Heiress

Defeat Mathilde

A Stunning Display

Trap an opponent thief


Get 15 gold in a single turn

Triple Play

Get 3 victory points in a turn

Banish the Butcher

Defeat Gashford

Finish the Filcher

Defeat Frannie

Rout the Rivals

Complete the game


Trap your opponent 5 times in a single match

Loathsome Landlord

Evict 12 urchins in a match

The Mighty Have Fallen

Kill a max-level gang with an assassin


Kill 4 assassination contracts in a single match

A New Rivalry

Play a match online

Right This Way, Children

Evict a full business that was trapped

Jack of All Trades

Buy all guild upgrades in a single match

Greased Palms

Win a match with 3 bribes


Win a match online

Black Plague

Play an opponent who already has the Black Plague

Distinguished Gentlemen

Employ 2 max-level gangs simultaneously


Win "The Big City" online

Master of Disguise

Win "The Masquerade" online

Wharf Rat

Win "The Wharf" online


Win "The Palace" online

In a Hurry

Win an online match in 10 or fewer turns

Grandmaster Thief

Complete all levels on Hard


Win 10 matches online


Win 100 matches online

Master Thief

Win 300 matches online