Deity Quest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Not Pipsqueaks

Best your rival and claim the isle.

Shiny Loot!

Loot a rare gold chest.

Moving Up

From the Office of the Overgod of Aberos.

Knowledge is Power

Your may be a new deity, but you sure showed Vysara!

Strongly Typed

Know your magic types and show Ell who is boss!

Convert A Few

Convert 32 different follower types!

Don't Call Her Ugly

Escape the Demon Princess.


The perfect, most trustworthy alibi.

Crush the Rebellion

No lowly follower should revolt against deities.

Justice is Served

Nothing gets in the way of your investigation.


Can't we just discuss this? It would probably end in battle anyways...

Process of Elimination

When there is only one suspect left...

Convert Some More

Convert 64 different follower types!

Not Edible


Overcome lava and fire to defeat the Bogral.

128 is Not Enough

Convert a custom follower type.

Master of Water

Encounter a secret merfolk ritual.

Convert a Lot

Convert 96 different follower types!

Master of Ice

No Ice Lord will steal your essence.

Master of Darkness

Clear the secret tomb quest.

Strange Deity...

Master of Light

Clear the secret sky quest.

The Middle Road

It takes both good and evil to reign supreme.

Not Enough Torches!

Defeat the fallen goddess deep in the darkness.

Brightest Star

Show that intelligence and goodness always win... or at least goodness.

Reign of Terror

Become the most evil Overgod Aberos has ever seen!

Master of Death

Not even death can stop you... well, you are immortal...

More Shiny!


Trade a follower.

Convert Them All!

Convert all 128 different follower types!


Explore all the areas in the game (including extended).


Win a multiplayer battle.