War of the Human Tanks achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 61 unknown)

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Find Your Calling

Amasson Regular


Unstoppable Force

Achieve a Massive Victory


Win a Battle Without Losing a Single Unit



Destroy 25 Enemy Units Without Seeing Them First

Deep Blue

Sea of Flames

Old Acquaintances

Major Leaguer

Scorched Earth

Achieve Three Wipeouts


Assemble 100 Tanks

Snow Man


Kill Five Enemy Tanks in a Single Attack


Collect 1.000.000 Crates from Battles

When They Cry

The Last Samurai

Think Tank

The End of the War As We Know It

Finish War of the Human Tanks

Radio Head

Purple Heart

Ensure a Safe Return for at Least 12 Wounded Units

The General

Girl Scout

Complete Scout Research Line

One for All

Kill at Least One Enemy Tank Using Each of Your Tanks in a Battle


Win 25 Massive Victories


Fight 50 Battles

Steady Does It

Complete Barrage Research Line

Supreme Commander

Complete Command Research Line


Complete Interceptor Research Line


Destroy 500 Enemy Tanks

Cookie Cutter

Complete Assault Research Line

Shock And Awe

Complete Shock Research Line


Black Death


Almost Human

Ties of Compassion

A Tankless Job

Superior Intel

Win a Battle Using Only Heshiko

All for One

Kill All Enemies by Using the Same Unit

Satou's Boot Camp of Hell


Achieve Ten Speed Bonuses

A Regal Reception

The True Enemy

A Wish Fulfilled

Big Bang

Achieve a Wipeout Using Only Shock Tank Attacks

A Royal Treat

Equip a Command Tank with Curry and Cola

A Slight Advantage

Develop 30 Modules

No More Mr. Nice Cat

Defeat Mr. Cat

Lord of Flies

Successfully Intercept 10 Attacks

War of the Human Tanks

For Those Who Saw It All

Sword of the Samurai

Win a Battle Using Only Melee Attacks

Scout's Honor

Kill Five Enemy Units with a Scout Tank in a Single Battle


Win the Battle for Yumishirogahara Before 5 Minutes Elapse (New Game only)

Not the Brightest Pea in the Pod

Win the Battle for Matsumoto Railway Without Using Battery Tanks (New Game Only)

Nice Kitty

Defeat Mr. Cat (New Game Only)

Alter Ready


Meat Grinder

The Cat Came Back