Horizon achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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First Contact

So, we're not alone then?

Teacher's Pet

Complete the tutorial without skipping any steps

Noob Graduate

Play for 100 years

Noah's Assistant

Build 10 ships

King of the mountain

Colonize 10 planets

Stark apprentice

Build 100 ships

All the space cantinas know your name

Play for 1000 years

Call a tow truck

Scrap 10 ships

Livingston I presume

Colonize 100 planets


Complete the Lezgoon missions

IT associate

Level 1 tech to level 10 in a single game

Space Mechanic

Level 10 techs to level 10 in a single game

A Heartfelt request

Complete the Kamzak missions


Level 40 techs to level 10 in a single game

Thor's Jealous

Complete the Kuntari missions

Mad Professor

Level 80 techs to level 10 in a single game

All things that glitter

Complete the Har'kan missions

Scavenger Hunt

Complete the Gargal missions


Skip all tutorials


Complete the Barbeck missions

Dealin with the Don

Complete the Barsig missions

Shipyard Guru

Build 1000 ships

Remnant Recycler

Scrap 100 ships

Revenge of the Kor'tahz

Complete the Kor'tahz missions

A splinter in your mind

Complete the Tantik missions

Spawning space legs

Play for 5,000 years

Galactus is full

Colonize 1000 planets


Complete the Varaian missions

Junkyard Central

Scrap 500 ships

Veteran Galaxy Hopper

Play for 10,000 years