Space Farmers achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 23 unknown)

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Played as another character.


Killed 100 chompys

Run For Your Life

Escaped The Grinder

Party Animal

Made it to the end of game party

Big Spender

Spent some turnips.

One Upmanship

Killed more chompys than your friend in a game.


Got killed by a mine when not wearing the goggles in Helpful Chums


Complete all the challenges


Made it through the discotheque.

Mass Dismantler

Killed 500 chompys

A Chompy In Hand

Killed 3 chompys at once with potato bombs

Peaceful Farmers

Made it through The Grind without getting the weapons.

Pig Carrier

Carried the pig 1000 metres

Tidy Farmer

Killed all the soldier bots in Cross Fire


Found the funny face mask.

I Am The Pumpkin King

Unlocked Franky in Attack Of The Vegtabots

Time to kill

Made it through Bomb Hats without collecting all the clocks.

Take It To The Max

Escaped The Extreme Grinder

We Like Pies

Didn't let the Pieosaurus die.

And Pigs Might Fly

Found the final piggy.

Ultimate Challenger

Did all the challenges in 1 run

Lazy Farmer

Made it through 'Pig Weapon' with one set of gloves.


Got to the end of the game with no deaths.