Game Corp DX achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Indie sized

Hire 4 Workers


Publish a Small game

Half-Portal: Counter Fortress 3

Hire Gabe N.

Critical Darling

Get 5 Stars from a Critic

The Greenest City

Relocate to Vancouver

One is the loneliest

Get a game on the top of the charts


Publish a Medium game

Grim Throttle: Brutal Monkey Mansion

Hire Tim S.

We got a following!

Get 5000 fans

Sin City

Relocate to Montreal

We're gonna need a bigger room!

Win 10 Awards

Tango Echo Tango Romeo India Sierra

Hire Alexey P.

Brain bending

Build a Personnel Enhancement Device

Civilization: Pirate Railroads

Hire Sid M.

Experience is king

10 Workers with Max XP

Theme Fable: The Populous Keeper

Hire Peter M.


Publish a Large game

The Golden Gate

Relocate to San Francisco

The Pareto Principle

Polish a game

Jazz Tournament: Unreal Gears

Hire Cliff B.

Maxed to the Max!

Get a Perfect Worker

So much room!

Expand the build area

We need a little help

Request a Loan

Resident Devil: God Within

Hire Shinji M.


$ in the Bank

Adventure games are not dead!

Generate $20M with an Adventure game

if (gameIsGood) GetMoney();

Specialize 10 Coders

The shapes are alive!

Specialize 10 Artists

Boom boom boom!

Specialize 10 Sound designers

200 WPM

Specialize 10 Writers

Grand Payne Noire: Bully Tennis Club

Hire Sam H.

Elder Oblivion: The Skyrim Fallout

Hire Todd H.

Game within a game!

Publish Game Corp DX

Ricochet 3

Publish Half-Life 3

Great ball of fluff!

Publish The Last Guardian

Unique Strategy-Action

Publish Survivor Squad