Ground Pounders achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 45 unknown)

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Shipped out to Basic


Successfully commit an attack with a 10-1 odds in your favor.

Flawed Attack

Commit an attack and lose with a 1-3 odds or less.

Citizen Army


Attack with your unit and your unit is destroyed.

Against the Odds

Destroy an opponent and survive with a 1-1 odds or less.

Winston Says Be Cool

You have won your first scenario. “In War: Resolution, In Defeat: Defiance, In Victory: Magnanimity, In Peace: Good Will.” - Winston Churchill

Zero Inclination

Attack and destroy an enemy unit with an artillery unit on point.

Good Defense

Achieve a 1-1 odds or lower with your defensive support.

Patton Says Bounce

You have lost your first scenario. "I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom." - George S. Patton

Best Laid Plans

Commit an attack with a unit, have that unit get destroyed while not causing any damage to the target.

Unused Superiority

Win any scenario with Space Superiority without using any Space Superiority cards.

Flawless Victory

Win a scenario without losing any of your units.

Extreme Overkill

Successfully commit an attack with a 10-1 odds and a 6 dice result in your favor.

Wasted Superiority

Lose a scenario with Space Superiority.


Lose an air unit in an air combat.

Double Kill

Destroy any 2 units with 1 attack.

Gates of Troy

Gain control of 20 victory points.


Destroy 5 air units in air to air combat.

Pattons Best

Win 100 combats with an armoured unit.


Attack or defend with a missile unit 5 times.

Prince of Space

Win Space Superiority 20 times.

Waiting For The Recruitment Office To Open

Great Defense

Achieve a 1-3 odds or lower with your defensive support.

Untapped Reserves

Win a scenario without using any Reinforcement Points if Reinforcement Points are available.

Monster Horror Theater

Kill 30 Proteans.

Custer Memorial Award

Lose 10 times.

Last Man Standing

Complete any scenario with only 1 unit remaining.

Game of Death

Complete a multiplayer game.

Triple Kill

Destroy any 3 units with 1 attack.

Theater Army Commander

You have completed your first campaign. Venisti, vidisti, vicistis.

The Gyrus Award

Defeat "The Nest" in the Human Campaign.

The M.A.S.H.

Get a medical unit to elite rank.


Complete any campaign with $100 or more unspent funds.

King of the Apes

Win the Human campaign.

Ground Pounder

Win 5 multiplayer matches.

Lord of War

Beat every campaign in the base game.

No Redoes

Win any campaign without discarding any combat results.

Worker General

Win the Hiver campaign.

The River Kwai Award

Destroy 10 bridges.

Gallant General

Lose 10 multiplayer matches.

The Avenger

Win the Tarka campaign.

Star Lord

Win 25 multiplayer matches.

Loved by the Grunts

Win any campaign without losing any core units.

The Hartmann Award

Destroy 352 air units in air to air combat.