Immortal Defense achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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Aa's Charm

Bavakh Claw

Squalid Medal

Valid Medal

Blinding Medal

Triangle Medal

Indra's Medal

Fear Medal

Blaggenthorg's Skull

Circuit Medal

Courage Medal

Form Medal

Cut Medal


Ortho Medal

Upborne Medal

Graveship Cross

Danmaku Medal

Pride Medal

Strategist Medal

Eye of Corybantes

Dukis Medal I

Hate Medal

Love Medal

Oss Medal

Turning Medal

Dukis Medal II

Minor Medal

Limited Medal

Dukis Medal III

Ducrosh Medal

Panopticon Medal

Raberata Medal

Big Medal

Small Medal

Pathspace Defender

Dukis's Highest

Dukis Cross

Gnome Medal

Gutei's Finger