Lost In Woods 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Where am I?

Start the summer world

The First Day!

Live the one day

Live is possible

Find a house in the wood

Secret beast

Kill the secret creature

Frozen Loss

Start the winter world

The Stove

Make the stove

It’s so warmly

Make anything of clothes

The Chef

Make the kitchen

The Workbench

Make the workbench

I love a honey

Build a beehive


Cultivate the beds

Caught a fish

Install the fishing net


Kill 25 wild animals


Get 30 stones


Listen the SOS signal

Wood cutter

Cut 30 trees of one kind

Sweet dreams

Make a tent for sleeping

True farmer

Tame the bull

Three Days!

Live three days

Welcome home

You have survived in woods and found the exit


Defeat spider

Don’t want home

Find an exit but don’t leave the woods

The Week!

Live seven days


Bake bread

The Temple of tears

Destroy the tears-stone to call the boss of Sky Tears

The Temple of hearth

Destroy the stone of heart to call the boss of Iron Heart


Complete all achievements


Return home having survived in the winter

Give me your heart

Beat the boss of Iron Heart

Ten days!

Live ten days

Cry baby, cry

Beat the boss of Sky Tears

The Temple of wisdom

Destroy the wisdom-stone to call the boss of Stars Wisdom


The Temple of spider

I’m smarter

Beat the boss of Stars Wisdom