Swag and Sorcery achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 48 unknown)

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Hire the first hero.

The adventure has begun!

Complete the adventure for the first time.


Build the first building.

Smart hero

Open the first trait of any hero.

Fashion sentence

Go to the competition for the first time.

Enemy of the living

Defeat Owl Guard.


Earn 1000 gold.

Gorgeous Trinity

Hire 3 heroes.


Build all the buildings.

Group work

Send a group of 2 heroes to the trip.

Animals are not welcome

Kill 100 monsters in the forest.


Use spell for the first time.


Buy buff for the first time.

Walk on corpses

Kill 100 monsters on the battlefield.

Silence around

Kill 100 monsters in ruins.

Vice squad

Defeat Big Boy.

Neo-romance is the opposite

Defeat Skull of knowledge.


Earn 10,000 gold.

Fog get out

Completely get rid of fog.


Spank grave robber.


Unlock all spells.

Black digger

Kill 100 elite monsters on the battlefield.

Caring boss

Unlock all buffs.

Give heat

Kill 100 monsters on hot springs.

Bog lover

Kill 100 monsters in the swamp.

Paronormal Researcher

Kill 100 elite monsters in ruins.

Deep knowledge

Kill 100 monsters in the underground city.


Unlock all researches in the library.

Fashion village

Pump the reputation of the village to the maximum.

The more the merrier

Hire all the heroes.

Color rattle

Defeat Rainbow Snake.

Naughty Tentacles

Slap the Nameless.


Send in adventure 3 groups in parallel

Back to the well

Defeat Okiki.


Earn 100,000 gold.

Naked king

Complete all story quests.

Portal into something

Unlock endless adventure.


Kill 100 elite monsters in the forest.

Once and involved

Kill 100 elite monsters in the swamp.

The secret is revealed

Kill 100 elite monsters in the underground city.

Amateur hotter

Kill 100 elite monsters on hot springs.


Improve all buildings to the maximum.

Explorer something

Improve the endless adventure to level 10.


Complete all side quests.


Buy all the recipes in the fashion house.

Amateur something

Improve the endless adventure to level 50.

Revealed potential

Open all the traits of all the characters.

Swag in the blood

Completely dress at least one character in the legendary items.