Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 93 unknown)

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A Daring Escape

Wand Collector

Light in Darkness


Reach 150 Hit Points.


Increase an attribute score to 25.

No Child Left Behind

Picking Sides

Raised enough gold to hire assistance.

Close the Eye

New Ownership

Trade Must Flow

Fang and Claw

The Great Detective

Hell's Pocket

Best Friends

Heart of the Abyss

Ancient Power

Red Dragon Slayer

Shadow Dragon Slayer

Murder Incarnate

Kill 1,000 creatures.

The Holy Sword

Shadow Ally

Across the Sea

I'll Keep This

Acquire the warrior stronghold.

Inmates Running the Asylum

The First Challenge

Grand Master

Become a Grand Master.


Return to the Surface

The Book of Kaza

Took a Chance

Black Dragon Slayer

Welcome, Brother

Don't Mind Us



Acquire Heroic reputation.


Fury of the Heavens


Have an Armor Class of -15 or lower.

Leave No Friend Behind

Finish the game without any party members dying.

To Hell and Back

Time to Slay

A Battle for the Ages


Family Matters

Absolute Power

Legendary Relic

Triple Cross

Felling the Giant

The Second Challenge

I Dub Thee


Have a Lore skill of 100 or more.

The Seven Statues

The Third Challenge

Twisted Victory

Spherical Stronghold

Acquire the wizard stronghold.

Dragon's Demise

The Fourth Challenge

Solar Supremacy

Friends Like These


The Fifth Challenge

Green Dragon Saviour

The Nether Scroll


Epic Warrior

Reach level 30 with a Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Monk, or Barbarian.


Acquire Despised reputation.

Guild Times

Acquire the thief stronghold.

Unknown Risks

Peace At Last



Become a Fallen Paladin or a Fallen Ranger.

Heavy Is the Head

Friend of Darkness

Orderly Surroundings

Acquire the paladin stronghold.

Cabin In the Woods

Acquire the ranger stronghold.

Sieze the Throne

Silver Dragon Slayer

Epic Rogue

Reach level 30 with a Thief or Bard.

Divine Domain

Acquire the cleric stronghold.

Epic Mage

Reach level 30 with a Mage or Sorcerer.

To the Limit

Best Day Ever

Have Bless, Chant, and Luck active at the same time.

Sacrifices Must Be Made

Finish the game with a full party of dead allies.

A Sister's Sacrifice

The Play's the Thing

Acquire the bard stronghold.

Home Grove

Acquire the druid stronghold.

Epic Priest

Reach level 30 with a Cleric, Druid, or Shaman.

In Balduran's Image

Double Cross

Friend of Volo

Complete the game on Story Mode difficulty.

Flying Solo

Complete the game solo.

Worst Day Ever

Have Disease, Fatigue, and Poison active at the same time.

Lord of Murder

Complete the game on Legacy of Bhaal difficulty.