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No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Power Up

Peace of Cake

Defeat the Cupcake King.

Post Traumatic Stress

Dead Aim

Collect 30 coins in a single death. Bonus stages don't count!

Speed Devil

Obtain 5 stars collectively from stage rankings.

Just Dandy

Collect 10 dynamite.

One Smart Cookie


Defeat the Princess.

Slow Learner

The Cake is a Murderer

It's Raining Dan

Obtain 7 stars collectively from bonus stage rankings.


Collect 25 dynamite.

Surgical Strike

Give Peace a Chance

Complete Level 4 without killing any enemies.

Speed Demon

Obtain 20 stars collectively from stage rankings.

Falling For It

Complete Level 1 without jumping more than 3 times.

Sugar Rush

Complete Level 10 while on fire.

Bubble Trubble

Complete Level 8 without dying.

Roller Toaster

Kill 30 enemies with fire in one run.

A Fruity Foray

Obtain a 3 star ranking for Level 7.

Habit Attack

Complete Dark World.

Weapons of Mass Danstruction

Collect 50 dynamite.


Complete Level 9 without touching any checkpoint flags.

Cupcake Mountain

Obtain a 3 star ranking for Level 13.

Leaps and Bounds

Complete Level 15 without killing any enemies.

The Crag

Complete Level 17 without jumping more than 4 times.

Fancy Feats

Achieve 100% Completion.